Jonathan Cardenas 04/04/2017
The border of Baja California is one of the zones with greater economic growth and investment in infrastructure of all Mexico.Its location is ideal, so every year it's visited by more than 8 million tourists from all over the world.  But, what other advantages are there to invest in building a home in this area? Here are 5 good reasons why real estate investment in this area is a great idea: 
1. Strategic area
     If your income is in US Dollars, you will pay much less by investing in construction of a property in Tijuana or Rosarito, building the house of your dreams at a lower cost with an exclusive design. 

2. Guaranteed investment
     Last year, the real estate industry had a rebound of close to 30 percent in Tijuana, it is expected that this year achieve even greater growth. This guarantees the value increase of a property in recent years. In addition, in many cases they have new road infrastructure giving added value to these areas. 
3. Second home
     For years, the coastal zone, from Tijuana, Playas de Rosarito and Ensenada, have become places chosen by Americans who come to the entity to live or buy their second home. It is the busiest border in the world, you can cross the United States as many times as you want. English has become the second language, becoming bilingual cities.  
4 - Round Business
    If your intention is to invest in the construction of commercial premises, definitely Tijuana is your best choice, the city's growth caused a few years ago the demand for vertical construction considerably. Between 2014 and 2016, 15 real estate projects were built and sold with more than 700 condominiums. In addition, ten developments that include homes, offices, commercial premises, hotels and land for sale are included. 
5. Culture and leisure
The area itself offers many of activities you can do, or places to visit:

  • If you are tired of the same restaurants daily, you can enjoy the diverse gastronomy of the zone through the foods trucks. This gastronomy attraction allowed Tijuana to be placed between one of the best destinies in 2017 according to the New York Times

  • It is close to Valle de Guadalupe , a wine region that in recent years has become one of the destinations preferred by tourists, not only in Baja California but throughout Mexico and the United States.

  • You can visit Playas de Tijuana and attend the many concerts of the events that take place in Plaza Monumental, or you can have a coffee on the boardwalk.

  • It is near of the Pacific coast. Ideal to visit all the tourist beaches that Baja California offers.
     For these and many reasons more, Habbitat think that the border has become an ideal area for your real estate investment. It has no comparative in its multiculturalism and diversity of activities to make a unique area.